* Single Session – $135
* 3-Session Package – $375 ($125 each)
* 3-Session Intro Package – $300 ($100 each for first time users only)


Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change and adapt. The SQUARE 1 SystemTM optimizes human movement by tapping into this amazing quality of the brain. Our brains create and coordinate movement via sensorimotor (nerve) signaling. Everyday stress compromises signaling, and this erodes our movement quality. SQUARE 1TM pinpoints and reopens the blocked signaling pathways that lead to compensatory movement in order to optimize movement outcomes such as strength, flexibility, power, speed, and pain-free movement. SQUARE 1TM resets how your body is supposed to function.

Origins of SQUARE 1TM:

SQUARE 1TM is a fairly new system developed by Shawn Sherman of Western Springs, Illinois. Prior to developing SQUARE 1TM, Shawn was an early adopter of another movement correction system. That system combined a mobility screen, muscle testing, and a specific manual therapy. Many of his clients received excellent results with that system. However, he thought the results were just too inconsistent. Roughly a third of his clients were not receiving any perceptible benefits. He found this very unsettling and strongly desired to help more of his difficult cases. He began to wonder, “what if how the industry typically interprets mobility screen results is what’s confounding our ability to produce more consistent results?”.

In 2008, Shawn decided to test out a contrarian idea on one of his most difficult case clients. His unconventional idea produced an immediate and transformative impact on the very first client. Encouraged by this positive result, Shawn decided to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. After thousands of sessions and years of development, Shawn developed his own elegant system that consistently and efficiently produces amazing movement outcomes. It is called the SQUARE 1 SystemTM.

Health Benefits:

* Improves Respiratory Heath:
     • Reduces inflammation of the respiratory airways
* Sport Performance
     • Neural preparation for exercise
     • Improve posture
     • Increase range of motion
     • Increase strength
     • Increase flexibility
     • Increase power
     • Increase speed and more…
* Reduces the compensation that leads to most aches and pains
     • Back, hip, knee, ankle, foot, neck, shoulder, jaw and wrist pain
     • Plantar fasciitis
     • Carpal tunnel syndrome
     • Fibromyalgia
     • Degenerative hips
     • Bursitis
     • Tendonitis and more…
* Expedited recovery from surgery

Session Details:

* Length of Session: 50 minutes with a 60-minute booking time
* Description: SQUARE 1TM utilizes neuro-response muscle testing performed on a table to identify joint dysfunctions. These dysfunctions are removed through short isometric exercises.
* Clothing: We recommend wearing athletic attire or loose, comfy clothing that is easy to move in.

Tips for the Participant:

* Stay properly hydrated throughout the day.
* Prior to your session, begin thinking about movements or positions that are challenging or painful for you. This provides a good starting place for your session.

Do Not Participate in SQUARE 1TM If You…

* Have not been cleared for physical therapy following a recent surgery.
* Have not seen a physician following a recent accident.
* You have stenosis and are not aware of the risks (see below).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How soon do people see results?
It varies. We are all individuals and there are a number of factors at play. The short answer is that most SQUARE 1TM clients start feeling and/or performing better within their first 1-3 sessions.

Q: How long do the results from SQUARE 1TM hold?
Since SQUARE 1TM addresses impaired motor function and reduces the need to compensate directly at the source, the duration of results for most clients is quite impressive. Results from SQUARE 1TM generally last much longer than other conventional approaches to pain. Some may go weeks or even years without pain – the results again are dependent on the client and their stress threshold. As the need to compensate is reduced from SQUARE 1TM sessions, the body becomes more and more resilient, and the impact lasts longer and longer.

Q: Is SQUARE 1TM painful?
Most clients do not experience any pain during SQUARE 1TM sessions. Occasionally, some experience minimal delayed onset muscle soreness 1-2 days following the session due to the light, yet repetitive, muscle testing.

Q: Can SQUARE 1TM help me?
Most likely! We all are hit with stressors everyday which compromises sensorimotor signaling. Blocked signaling pathways drives our nervous systems’ need to compensate. SQUARE 1TM pinpoints and reopens these blockages to restore the foundation of the human movement system. SQUARE 1TM is useful for improving posture, eliminating pain, preparing our bodies for exercises, and even enhancing sports performance.

Q: What should I know about stenosis?
To date, stenosis is the only condition with which occasionally results in a provocation of symptoms that didn’t resolve itself in the days immediately following a SQUARE 1TM session. Most people with stenosis respond favorably to SQUARE 1TM but a small percentage have not. If you decide to try SQUARE 1TM and notice your symptoms becoming worse, your session will end immediately following the 1st sign of provocation at no charge.

Angela Rooding, CSCS, MCRS:

Angela is a Motor Control Restoration Specialist (MCRS) and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). She is a graduate of Kansas State University where she received a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. Her work-related experience in the health and fitness industry dates back to 2002. Following graduation, Angela’s love for the mountains took her to Colorado Springs where she worked as a physical therapy aide and personal trainer. In 2006, she moved to Aspen and continues to do what she loves most; helping others achieve their fitness goals through healthy lifestyle changes and proper body mechanics. After battling hip pain in 2015, Angela was introduced to the SQUARE 1TM. The results were so incredible that Angela wanted to provide the same for her clients and began pursuing a certification in SQUARE 1TM. In April 2018, Angela became the first certified MCRS in the state of Colorado. For fast and lasting pain relief, book your appointment with Angela today!