Salt Therapy


* Single Session (for pre-scheduled Group Salt Therapy sessions) – $20
* 5-Session Package (for pre-scheduled Group Salt Therapy sessions) – $80 ($16 each)
* Private Salt Therapy Session – $50

We currently offer our Group Salt Therapy sessions on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12-12:45pm. Sessions are limited to 4 people so it is recommended to sign up ahead of time. We also offer Private Salt Therapy sessions for $50 where you can bring up to 3 additional guests to join you. Private sessions must be scheduled in advance. Call to schedule.

What Is Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy is conducted in a room where pure salt is diffused into the air to breathe. Breathing the micro-particles of salt has many benefits to the lungs. Most salt rooms have a salt accent wall, where bricks of pure Himalayan salt are lighted and heated. This provides a nice ambiance to the room and releases negative ions into the air. The micro-particles of salt come from a Halogenerator which grinds pure sodium chloride salt and defuses it into the air. During a Salt Therapy session, the room remains sealed to make sure there is a proper amount of diffused salt in the air. Once the session is over, the air in the room is completely cleared so that the room is fresh for each Salt Therapy session.

Origins of Salt Therapy:

The health benefits of Salt Therapy were first discovered by European monks centuries ago. They noticed that their patients improved from respiratory ailments more quickly when treated in natural salt caverns. As such, the monks began to rub salt rocks together to produce a fine salt dust for their patients to inhale.

In the 1840s, Dr. Felix Bochkowsky, the state authority for occupational health in Poland, noticed similar effects with miners: while metal and coal miners battled relentless, deadly respiratory ailments, workers in salt mines were healthier than average people, let alone other miners. In 1843, Dr. Bochkowsky published a book about the health benefits of salt dust. His successor, Mstislav Poljakowski, followed by establishing the first salt clinic near Krakow, Poland, which is still in operation today.

During World War II, salt mines in Germany were used as bomb shelters. During bombings, people often had to remain in the mines for extended periods of time, breathing in the salt dust. Upon leaving, many asthmatics were able to breathe much easier. By the 1950s, scientific studies (primarily in the USSR) were proving how effective salt therapy is in treating respiratory ailments. Manmade, above-ground salt rooms provided a controlled environment, and Halotherapy (from “halo,” Greek for salt) became a new option for respiratory treatment.

The first public halotherapy salt chambers opened in the 1960s in Eastern Europe. These initial salt rooms were destination health sanatoriums and respiratory hospitals. As halotherapy grew more popular in the 1980s and 1990s, health and beauty resorts throughout Europe and Scandinavia began to install salt rooms and offer halotherapy as one of their restorative treatments. Salt Therapy is now very popular throughout the United States.

Health Benefits:

* Improves Respiratory Heath:
     • Reduces inflammation of the respiratory airways
     • Helps clear excess mucus
     • Helps clear pollen, pollutants, toxins, and viral agents from the lungs and nasal tract
     • Reduces symptoms of allergies, asthma, COPD, bronchitis, sinusitis, and more
* Potential Improvement of the Following Conditions:
     • Sleep apnea
     • Hay fever
     • Ear infections
     • Pneumonia
     • Snoring/wheezing
     • Emphysema
     • Laryngitis
     • Cystic Fibrosis
     • Sore throat
     • Smoker’s cough
* Improves Skin Health:
     • Soothes itchy skin
     • Assists healing of small fissures and scratches
     • Reduces edema on post-surgical scars
     • Reduces inflammation of the skin
     • Potential improvement of acne, dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and more

Session Details:

* Length of Session: 45 minutes
* Description: You will sit back and relax in a zero-gravity chair for the entire session while enjoying the ambiance of our Himalayan salt wall.
* Clothing: We recommend wearing something comfortable that you can relax in. Shorts and a tank top are ideal if you want your skin to be exposed to the salt. Darker clothing will show the salt more, but the salt will not harm your clothes in any way.
* Music Options: We have quiet, relaxation music playing in the background. You can listen to music from your own listening device with headphones if you prefer.
* There may be other people in the session, so we ask that you not talk on your phones or do anything to disrupt the experience of other participants.

Tips for the Participant:

* Bring a bottle of water with you as Salt Therapy can increase your appetite for liquids.
* Bring a light sweater in case you chill easily.
* We provide lockers for you to store your personal items, so they don’t get covered in salt.
* Bring a book or personal listening device with headphones for entertainment.
* It is best to sign up ahead of time as our sessions only fit 5 people and those who are signed up get first priority if they show up in time.

Do Not Participate in Salt Therapy If You…

* Have been medically advised not to use Salt Therapy
* Have a contagious disease, severe chronic respiratory issues, open wounds or sores

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often should I participate in Salt Therapy?
The frequency will depend upon your own individual health and wellness goals. You can do it as often as you like or whenever you feel your body needs it.

Q: Is the room warm?
The room is typically between 68-74°F. Bring an additional layer if you get cold easily.

Q: Will I be in the room by myself?
Unless you book a private session, you might be sharing the room with other people who attend.