Float Therapy


* Single Session – $70
* 5-Session Package – $325 ($65 each)
* 10-Session Package – $600 ($60 each)

What Is Float Therapy?

Float Therapy is a treatment where you float in a flotation therapy pod that is filled ten inches deep with an Epsom salt solution (using 600 lbs. of Epsom salt) set at skin temperature. The Epsom salt is used to increase the density of the water, making it easy to float. The pod can be closed, which provides a cozy space that is warm, private, quiet, and dark. Since the body is so comfortable floating and is without sensory distraction, very deep levels of relaxation can be attained. There are also benefits from floating in such a rich Epsom salt (magnesium) solution, including reduction of aches and pains.

Origins of Float Therapy:

Float therapy stems from the research done with isolation tanks which were developed in 1954 by a medical practitioner and neuropsychiatrist, John C. Lilly. Lilly used isolation tank therapy to study the origin of consciousness and its relation to the brain. By 1964, Lilly invented flotation therapy tanks, which were more comfortable and relaxing than the original isolation tanks. He discovered that his experimental subjects who floated reached levels of relaxation only found in deep meditation. In fact, within a few minutes of floating a person can reach a depth of relaxation that may take years to achieve through classical meditation techniques.

Health Benefits:

* Pain Relief
     • Reduces chronic pain
     • Reduces muscle soreness
     • Can help treat migraine headaches
     • Relieves pre-menstrual tension
* Self Awareness and Self Improvement
     • Provides stress relief
     • Can reduce anxiety and depression
     • Creates a perfect environment to achieve deep meditation
* Health Improvement
     • Accelerates recovery from jet lag
     • Beneficial for sleeping patterns and for those who suffer from insomnia
     • Total body relaxation
     • Shown to help those who suffer from Fibromyalgia and other health issues

Session Details:

* Length of Session: 60-minute float with a 90-minute booking time
* Description: You will be floating on your back in the pod for the entire session, showering off before and after the treatment. Earplugs are provided and required.
* Average Temperature: Skin temperature
* Clothing: We recommend floating nude so you don’t feel anything on your skin.
* Music Options: We recommend silence, but you can plug in your own music at the front desk that will play in the float pod.

Tips for the Participant:

* We highly recommend that you use the restroom right before your session.
* You will need to shower in our shower before and after your 60-minute float.
* We provide earplugs that you must wear.
* Drink water soon after your float session.

Do Not Use Float Therapy If You…

* Have been medically advised not to use Float Therapy
* Are currently under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
* Have open or bleeding wounds
* Suffer from incontinence
* Have nausea or could become nauseated
* Have uncontrolled epilepsy or depression
* Have a special or lacquered hairdo, which you wish to keep
* Are not confident of being able to get out of the pod due to lack of physical mobility
* Suffer from severe claustrophobia

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often should I use Float Therapy?
The frequency will depend upon your own individual health and wellness goals. You can do it as often as you like or whenever you feel your body/mind needs it.

Q: Is the water warm?
The water in the float pod it is set at just above the average skin temperature. The goal is to not feel the sensation of being in water, resulting in full sensory deprivation.

Q: Would I drown if I fall asleep in the float pod?
It is not possible to drown in a float pod for many reasons. The pod is only filled with about ten inches of water and the water is so dense with pure Epsom salt that, regardless of size or weight, floating is effortless. If you rolled over in your sleep the water is so rich with salt that it would sting your eyes and wake you. It is recommended to sleep during your float session as it has been found that people reach delta sleep, and one hour of delta sleep is equivalent to six hours of a deep sleep.

Q: Will I become claustrophobic?
It is unlikely you will become claustrophobic due to how open the space is inside the pod. You can set the pod lid to any level of openness you wish; however, it’s recommended to float with the lid fully closed to decrease sensory distraction and to provide you with a warm, cozy environment.

Q: How is the float pod kept clean and disinfected?
The water in the float pod has over 600 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt dissolved in it. The salinity is so high that no living microorganism can survive in the solution. There is also a small amount of food-grade hydrogen peroxide in the water, which combined with the disposable filter and UV filter makes for an extremely clean floating environment. In addition, each client is required to shower before they float to make sure they are clean before entering the pod.