Cryo Facials


* Single Session – $45
* Add-On to ISUN Facial – $30

What Is a Cryo Facial?

Using our Cryo-T Elephant we use liquid nitrogen to expose the skin on your face and décolletage to ultra-low temperatures. This naturally improves your skin, leaving you with a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance.

Health Benefits:

* Reduces inflammation and puffiness of the skin
* Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes
* Stimulates collagen production which tightens the skin
* Increases vasoconstriction which causes pore sizes to decrease
* Increases circulation which helps decrease toxins in the skin
* When treating the scalp, hair growth is stimulated by increasing blood flow

Session Details:

* Length of Session: 10 minutes
* Description: You will sit back and relax as an attendant cools your skin with the Cryo-T Elephant. They will move the stream of liquid nitrogen around your face and décolletage, keeping it at the desired temperature throughout your session.
* Average Temperature: 45°F
* Clothing: There are no specific clothing requirements. We will provide a wrap to allow us to target your décolletage. You should remove all metal jewelry and try not to apply thick layers of make-up before your session.

Tips for the Participant:

* Don’t get wet, perspire, or apply lotion/heavy makeup in the 30 minutes prior to your session.
* Stay hydrated after your session.

Do Not Receive a Cryo Facial If You…

* Have been medically advised not to get a Cryo Facial
* Have wet skin
* Have Raynaud’s Syndrome
* Have an active rash on the treated area
* Have an allergy to extreme cold

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How often should I get a Cryo Facial?
The frequency will depend upon your own individual health and wellness goals. We recommend at least 1-2 times per week. For more aggressive results, every day is recommended.

Q: Will I be able to stand the cold?
Yes. While the treatment is painless, we encourage you to communicate with the attendant if you feel uncomfortable at any moment.

Q: How will I feel after the treatment?
Your skin will feel tight and rejuvenated.